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WARNING: Some of the language may be offensive, but no worse than you would expect in an R rated movie.

Special thanks to NASA for the image of the galaxy.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Throwing Range

     It was a mad scramble to get the latest episode, Throwing Range (#31), posted on time. I had just a few moments to think of a title for it and probably could have done better with a good night's sleep.
     Our brave explorers have finally reached the Arcturus System, which has been neglected by exploration until now. It is near the end of the 28th century, and mankind has spent centuries rebuilding civilization following the Great Disaster of the 22nd century.
     Space has been explored for hundreds of light years in other directions, but not towards the galactic center where Arcturus is, just over 36 light years away.
     The Starship Hanno has found an alien spaceship, damaged and abandoned near Arcturus, with a message attached to it from Captain Paul Poluka's brother who went missing ten years earlier aboard the Starship Himilco.
     Now, the Hanno is arriving at Arcturus, eager to meet aliens, and discover the fate of the Himilco.
     Here also, we encounter the Alien king and queen, who have been expecting a visit from Earth, and have made elaborate preparations.
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