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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hi Folks!
  We just got back from a little cruise to Mexico for Christmas and had some nice swims in the ocean. The last two episodes were uploaded before I left, and published while I was gone. Now I have to get busy with the next episode to get it out this weekend.
  The whole book has been written for some time now, but presenting it in audio format requires some tweeking to the prose because it really is a different effect when it is listened to instead of read on the page.
  I've been getting some pressure to get the book out in print, so I'll be working on that in the coming months. Also, I need to work on the sequel novel and have my writers group review it while Between Earth and Arcturus is being shopped around to publishers.
  I hope all of you have enjoyed the holiday season, especially my listeners in Leicester, UK who are my most loyal listeners, and my new listeners in Birmingham, Alabama.
  I've recently picked up a new audience in Russia (S Novem Godim!) as well as Latvia, Ukraine, and Poland. I am always thrilled to see both new and returning listeners. This show is for you.

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