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Friday, June 21, 2013


     The epilogue (#61) is posted here, on iTunes, and also on, which I highly recommend.

     This novel is a serious drama focusing on personal relationships. Science fiction is all too often not taken seriously, even by professionals in the publishing business who should know better.

     Years ago, I attended the first ever Editor's Intensive conference in Ohio at the headquarters of Writer's Digest Magazine and presented a draft of this book to one of their editors.  After she read it, I got a puzzled look from her when I said it is a drama.

     "It's not a science fiction?" she asked.
     "It's a drama in a science fiction setting," I said.
     Her eyes glazed over and I changed the subject.  In all fairness, she did give some good advice which confirmed my fear...the book was too long.  I have since edited out 40,000 words and had my writer's group review most of it. There's nothing like getting a fresh perspective.

     I am eagerly waiting to see what my graphic artist will come up with for a book cover, and the print version of Between Earth and Arcturus will soon be available in both ebook and paper.

     In the mean time, I will be working on the next book.

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