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WARNING: Some of the language may be offensive, but no worse than you would expect in an R rated movie.

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Saturday, June 1, 2013

What is the Exploration Corps?

     This becomes the essential question in episode #59, The Governors, when it comes time for Commander Aguire to accomplish in a hearing before the Interim Government what Captain Poluka tried to do by stealth and violence. Specifically, to take ownership of the Hanno.
     Elpastre is secretly attending the meeting, getting a first hand look at what politicians are like on Earth. How embarassing for Earth!
     The King of Arcturus is here for a greater purpose, however, and will be meeting Bart's relatives, the Erosian Elders, in the next episode (#60).

     Many people find it difficult to commit to listening to such a long story, which is quite understandable.  This novel will soon be available in print, and I am working on the sequel novel, Pioneers of Arcturus, which will follow the adventures of Sam Benjamin, Mike Sullivan, and Pazi.

      Sam appeared in episode #11 (Lonely Lynda), and Mike is the spaceport cop in episode #5 (Aguire gets Maneuvered).  Pazi was never named in the story, but was the translator for the meeting between Captain Poluka and Popa Utirka in episode #44 (Matriarch's Lawyer).

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  1. I know several people who want the book. When will it be out?