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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

I miss my writer group

     It's been about five months since I last met with the writers group that I belong to. For years we met monthly and corresponded via email between meetings. They have become some of my dearest friends and I miss them terribly.
     This week I hope to see them all again. 
     We are each very different, and our diverse backgrounds, interests, and passions help to keep us from falling into the trap of niche perspective.
     The world today offers too much freedom to choose what news you get, whose opinion you listen to, and what entertainment you indulge in. 
     In the past, we didn't have hundreds of news sources, so we couldn't seek out the ones which agreed with our own opinions. We didn't have a myriad of movies and television programs at our finger tips, so we all had a more-or-less common experience, and could at least understand each other.
     Being with people who not just like us keeps us connected to reality, and reminds us that our perspective is not the absolute standard for normal.

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