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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Recommended podcast...Harry Strange: Radio Drama

An excellent show about supernatural detective work is Harry Strange: Radio Drama

A private detective specializes in supernatural cases, and he is uniquely equipped for the job with an arsenal of weapons tailored for his unnatural adversaries, and near-immortal immunity to death bestowed upon him by a higher power.
This is like a mix of hardboiled cynical gumshoe Sam Spade and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Harry’s fascinating  backstory is gradually revealed through the course of many episodes. The resemblance to film noir is complete with inner dialogue laced with colorful metaphors, the femme-fatale, and occasional shots of whiskey.
I have never heard of a show quite like this one. Once I started listening, I had to keep coming back for the next one. The writing, acting, and production quality are all outstanding. Most episodes were recorded in a conference room at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, and written by Tony Sarrecchia.
Awards include: 1st Place CBI Regularly Scheduled Program 2012; 2nd Place CBI Regularly Scheduled Program 2011; 3rd Place CBI Best of Show 2011; and the Broadcast Education Association’s Festival of Media Arts awarded the Best of Festival Award to Tony Sarrecchia and Breanne Ahearn.
Breanne was a producer and soundscape engineer for the show, and is now an associate producer at WAGA-TV in Atlanta.
Other notables include:
Kellen Stennett: (Harry) Owns a string of pilate gyms in Atlanta
Parisa Johnston: (Lilith) Also plays Regina, the Head of Surveillance at the Bureau, in Allegiant (p3 of the Divergent Series)
Jason Tyler: (Finny) also directs most of the episodes.
Sketch MacQuinor: (Morningstar, second half of season 3): Lead animator on Squidbillies
Joe Roesch: (Mr. K) graduated from Law School in 2015 and is waiting for the results of his Bar Exam.
Molly Silverman, soundscape engineer, is a Communications Major at Kennesaw State University and is graduating this year. She is the host of her own talk show on KSU Radio
Tony Sarrecchia's first teleplay, Sunday Mourning, will air as the second episode of PRIMROSE TALES, a Twilight-Zone-esque television program debuting later this year.
Harry Strange Live will be performing at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this year as part of the Atlanta Radio Theater Company.
My thanks to Tony for providing information, and to all of the talented folks who brought this show to us.
The show’s website is, which has a link to the Harry Strange Facebook page (lots of good pictures there). You can also find the episodes on and at as well as on iTunes.

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