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Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Can't say enough about this show!

     Other posts about Wolf 359 lament that no other shows from these talented folks at Kinda Evil Genius Productions are on the horizon. We understand: The show is addictive, clever, and brings a fresh take on audio science fiction.
     The first few episodes give no hint of seriousness and could have had the same story in a contemporary business or academic setting. But before the end of the first season it quickly evolves into a deadly serious sci-fi drama.
     The quality of writing, acting, and sound-scaping is top quality and the story arc is masterful. There is a definite end to the story when all things are wrapped up nicely. That is not to say all evils are undone, but the loose ends are finally tied up neatly.
     Sprinkled into the saga are back-story episodes revealing the past of each character, and providing reinforcement to an already well rounded plot.
     The premise of a lazy slacker taking a job on a remote space station pays off as each character is developed. Not everything is as it seems, and the evil plot of the ruthless villains gradually comes to light, along with mysteries which eventually are answered.
     The players are outstanding:

  • Zach Valenti is extraordinarily talented as the central character Doug Eifel, and shows versatility in the role of Dr. Hilbert; an entirely different persona complete with a believable Russian accent.
  • Emma Sherr-Ziarko who plays Commander Renee Minkowski; an unwitting and tormented pawn of her evil masters whose spirit ovrcomes the circumstances she did not choose.
  • Michaela Swee gives a compelling performance as Hera, an artificial intelligence (computer program), who is truly a person and has been set up to suffer by her creator, Dr. Miranda Pryce, also played by Ms Swee. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a totally sexy voice.
  • Scotty Shomaker plays the suave, evil bastard Marcus Cutter and nails it.
  • Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs comes in a bit late in the story as Captain Loveless, but delivers a fine performance as a [redacted to prevent spoilers by order of the inter-galactic podcast consortium].

  • Zach Libresco portrays one of those professionals that we know really exist but we wish they didn’t, and is very convincing.
  • Noah Masur plays a man who lives for things that go ‘boom’ and develops a character arc that makes a great story in itself.
  • Michelle Agresti is the voice of Dr. Alan Maxwell, an A.I. specialist who cares about people like Hera as a physician cares about patients.
  • Alan Rodi handles the music for Wolf 359, which proves a remarkable achievement. Read more about him here.
     This is an amazing show and the entire staff of workingthegalaxy enjoyed every episode. The prestigious awards earned by the cast and crew are astounding.
     Check it out on iTunes or the Wolf 359 website.
     The creator, Gabriel Urbina, cast and staff don’t seem to be cooking up another show (sigh!), but you can find more about them on the show site.

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