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Saturday, June 26, 2021

Fascinating…and a bit creepy

I keep on the lookout for a good science fiction podcast and SAYER seemed promising from the description. I finally listened to all of the eighty-three episodes. Well…it’s good…very good. 

It does not follow the usual form of sci-fi dramas. In the early episodes only one voice is heard; an unreliable voice which speaks to people through nano-technology implanted in the unfortunate residents of a corporate-owned space colony orbiting the Earth.

Sayer is the name of this voice, who is instructing and directing workers. Everything we learn about the situation comes from this disembodied voice. Sayer calmly says some rather alarming things while we learn about life on the station.

In the first season we hear only a smattering of sound effects and occasional voices of individuals to whom Sayer is speaking.

We gradually learn about the horrific situation of the residents and about how little their lives are valued by the corporation. Sayer has zero morals and sometimes withholds information to get cooperation, always waiting until it is too late before telling a resident that something terrible will result from following its instructions.

This is amusing at first, but after thirty episodes it becomes more of a horror story than a science fiction. 

The plot takes a twisty path as Sayer eventually gets a couple of adversaries that threaten its existence and mission. Adam Bash, the creator of the series says that he wanted to find a way for this ruthless entity to get some sympathy from the audience…quite a feat…and I think he did it. Sayer is forced to contemplate the very meaning of identity and purpose.

This show is not for everybody, but it’s worth trying for at least the first season to see if it’s for you. The show is well done and thought provoking, raising philosophical issues about ethics, identity, responsibility, courage, and power.

Sayer is written and voiced by Adam Bash

Intro and Outro music is by Jesse “Main Finger”Gregory.

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