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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ahh...that's better

     I just got back from a cruise to Mexico, and feel much better now.
     Another page has materialized for the sequel to Between Earth and Arcturus. Of course this is the just first crappy draft, but that's where it all begins. I really need a routine for productive writing, and it's not easy to carve out an hour or so each day when my schedule is so unconventional. 
     I'm off work for a while longer, and hope to establish a pattern of creativity that will carry over into the coming year. Years ago I had it down pat, as you can read about on the Become a Writer page of this website. Times are not so simple now, but I can't complain.
     Today's effort is to describe Sam's arrival at Arcturus, and give some hints about his personal issues. He comes with Mike Sullivan, who has developed a serious attitude about Earth.
     I hope this winter has been kind to all of you thus far, and even better times are ahead. 

Best wishes,

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