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WARNING: Some of the language may be offensive, but no worse than you would expect in an R rated movie.

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Possibilities for the sequel, Pioneers of Arcturus.

     Having made a few starts on the next manuscript which did not go well, I dug out an old binder full of the original, unfinished rough draft. It has been a couple of years since I last look at the notes, and was surprised at how much I had changed the premise since the first conception of a story about colonizing an alien world.
     Of course,  the first book is now finished and the story has a more solid foundation to build upon, and my feeling for this fictional world has evolved as well.
     The original notes called for a main character who is a young female scientist sent to study some of the mysteries of Arcturus. The newer version does not include her, but has more alien characters.
     I want to avoid having too many central characters, but I am temped to bring this young lady back into the story as a secondary character. The main protagonists shall be Sam Benjamin, who was briefly introduced in episode #11 (Lonely Lynda), and Pazi, the alien translator who was seen but not named in episode #44 (Matriarch's Lawyer).
     The paperback and kindle versions have had some sales, but I'm no marketing expert, so it's getting a slow start. Fans of the podcast can help by posting reviews on Amazon, and by 'liking' the book on Facebook.
     It's been an interesting year for me, with lots of changes...some good and some otherwise. I will be taking a short break from my routine until January and doing a bit of traveling, but I will have my trusty notebook and pen with me to capture any inspiration that appears.
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  1. Great Book. I enjoyed listening, and am looking forward to the next book!

  2. The next book is in the works! Thank you so much for your comment.