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For descriptions of each episode, check out my Show Notes at the top of the page. This is a work of fiction. Any similarity to real people or events is purely coincidental.

WARNING: Some of the language may be offensive, but no worse than you would expect in an R rated movie.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

For your consideration

    If you are browsing around for podcasts you may have found that there’s a broad spectrum of choices, not only in genre but also in format and quality. My own is an example of long fiction—an entire novel—with minimal sound effects.

     Some have a whole cast of voice actors, incidental and background music, impressive intro and outro announcements, and some professional level sound effects.

    Others are even more minimal than mine, with zero sound effects and just one voice that seems to be recorded in a single sitting with almost no editing.

     One such is called Postapodcalypse, which is an unnamed guy in a dystopian future where he rambles on about his experiences, observations, and off-the-wall thoughts from somewhere in North America. The show is strangely fascinating, and keeps drawing me back to hear the next installment. I don’t think it’s been active for a while, but there are a good number of shows available still.  Check it out at this address


  1. Thanks for recommending my show!

  2. You are very welcome. In creating a podcast of my novel, I found that I have reached more people than the print version has, but I still get very little affirmation of the value of my efforts.
    It can be discouraging when I see lots of pageviews and downloads in my site statistics, and yet the comments are exceedingly rare.
    I am glad that you produced your podcast, and I want you to know it.