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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A fine Sci-Fi podcast from Texas, about Texas

     The Scorched Earth audio drama performed by the Texas Radio Theatre Company is one that I highly recommend. I found the plot entertaining and intriguing, the voices genuine, and the production quality outstanding.
     The story follows the residents of Makepeace, Texas back in the 70’s when a mysterious stranger arrives on a night when all the lights go out. The mystery deepens as a conspiracy unfolds and powerful forces battle for control of the future of the world.
     My preference leans toward using sound effects for supporting the atmosphere of a show, rather than overwhelming the listener. This show certainly keeps the balance so well that the effects are not a distraction from the plot while effectively enhancing the experience.
     The show was written by Bruce R. Coleman, who is very active in the Dallas, Texas area live theatre scene. Bruce wrote the two act comedy Mythical Beastie which was performed at the Uptown Theatre Pride Festival in September. He is currently directing A Civil War Christmas (by Paula Vogel) for Theatre Three, where he is a resident artist, running until December 14th.
     Bruce says that he wrote the nine part Scorched Earth two episodes at a time. With his friends at Texas Radio Theatre Company, they would record the two episodes in one session, then Rich Frohlich would get the recordings into shape for publication (no small job) and release them over the next two weeks while Bruce writes the next two episodes.
     That’s not a schedule I would want to keep. My own audio drama was usually recorded 4-8 episodes ahead of release, and I still felt pressured. My hat’s off to the fabulous team that brought us this great show. You can download the show at

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