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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Steal the Stars...highly recommended

     Steal the Stars is a fresh idea; an unpredictable drama that gets into the head of a tough-as-nails woman, Dakota Prentiss played by Ashlie Atkinson. It is a stellar performance which captures the character and the mood of the story completely.  This is not a rehash of old ideas and I could never have predicted the ending. That people like Dakota Prentiss exist I know to be true, but they are rare and, frankly, scary.
     Neimah Djourabchi is equally convincing as Matt Salem, Dakota’s lover and co-conspirator.
     The story is written by Mac Rogers who has also given us The Message and Afterlife, as well as stage plays The Honeycomb Trilogy, Frankenstein Upstairs, God of Osidian, Ligature Marks, and many more.
     Jordana Williams directed Steal the Stars, and has directed some of Mac Roger’s stage plays. Both have won many awards and gained high praise in the world of performing arts.
     The story comes through a first person POV as Dakota meets ‘the new guy’ Matt in a facility that secretly studies an alien spacecraft and the dead alien within it.
     Romance is forbidden between people in this organization, but…you know…rules were meant to be broken. Unfortunately the consequences are bad enough that almost never happens.
     What brings me to recommend this audio drama is both the exceptional writing and Ashlie Atkinson’s performance. She has an impressive career in live theater, film, and audio. In fact, check out the credits of all the cast and crew of Steal the Stars and you will not be surprised that this is such an exceptional show.
     It’s produced by Tor Labs, an audio imprint of Tor Books where you can find all of the cast listed and lots more interesting information.

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