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Saturday, July 4, 2020

Recommended: King Falls AM

     Working the Galaxy doesn’t usually post a podcast recommendation until we listen up to the most current episode. We will make an exception for King Falls AM because they have over 100 episodes and we have gone through about half of them. 
     The series features a late night talk show on an AM radio station in a small mountain town somewhere in America.
     The news from King Falls is bizarre with reports of paranormal encounters and UFO abductions. The local people who call in are delightfully weird and the city politics is an ongoing scandal of corruption. 
     The show has been consistently entertaining and keeps drawing us back for more.
Audioboom hosts the show, as well as many other fine podcasts.
     The episodes are all written by Kyle Brown and Eric Kimelton. The music is composed by Cameron Chambers. For full credits visit:

     The King Falls AM facebook page indicates that, due to the Covid19 pandemic they have shut down the patreon page and the merch page and are not currently producing episodes.

     We recommend King Falls AM and hope the cast and crew will continue production soon.

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